SAMA delivers services through the Agency’s six divisions. These divisions are responsible for providing assessment services for our client municipalities, developing assessment policy, providing audit and roll confirmation services, and maintaining computer systems.

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Managing Director of Quality Assurance / Quality Assurance Division

  • Roll Confirmations Audit Services
  • Primary Audits
  • Secondary Audits
  • Lloydminster Equivalency Assessments
  • Statutory reporting

The Managing Director of Quality Assurance is responsible directly to the SAMA Board to independently ensure property assessments meet the requirements set out in Provincial legislation and regulations and Agency board orders, and for the preparation of equivalency assessments, aggregate confirmed assessment totals and taxable assessment totals.

The Division conducts primary audits annually to ensure the overall level of appraisal for each municipality meets the Province’s regulated standards, and recommends for confirmation those municipal assessment rolls that pass the confirmation and primary audits.

The Division may also conduct secondary audits to ensure that property assessments have been determined in accordance with Provincial legislation and regulations, and any applicable Agency board orders. The Division also undertakes any ad hoc quality assurance initiatives, audits or reviews as assigned by the SAMA Board.

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division provides leadership and strategic human resource advice to ensure the Agency has a skilled and experienced workforce focused on business improvement and value creation for its clients and stakeholders. The Division provides human resources services, including recruiting, selecting and retaining employees, training and development, personnel records management and compensation and benefits programming and administration. The Division is also responsible for promoting innovation and best practices in human resources management, developing and implementing human resources policy, employee relations, workforce planning, organizational development, leadership development, performance management and collective bargaining and contract administration with the local unit of the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union.

Information Services Division

The Information Services Division provides technical support for the Saskatchewan Property Assessment Network (SPAN), and for the Agency’s administrative systems. The Division operates, maintains and supports the Saskatchewan Property Assessment Network, which is the central property assessment database system used to value properties, and to store and report assessment information for client municipalities. The Division’s administrative systems support responsibilities include internal services such as procurement of all hardware and software, technical support for financial and human resources management systems, custom applications that support data collection, quality control and coordination, policy research and assessment roll confirmations. External services supported by the Division include access to SPAN by external assessment service providers, provision of assessment information to the Province and the Agency’s website and SAMAView.

Assessment Services Division

  • Revaluation
  • Field work (maintenance and reinspections)
  • Support of value
  • Data entry

The Assessment Services Division is responsible for providing property assessment valuation services to 760 urban, northern and rural municipalities, which involves the valuation of over 1,036,300 accounts – 464,859 agricultural land accounts, 251,182 urban land accounts, 209,256 residential and commercial building accounts and 111,010 industrial accounts.

Services to client municipalities include verification of property data services to maintain property records (annual maintenance reviews and targeted reinspections), revaluation services and assessment values support services

The Division also contracts to provide assessment services to the City of Moose Jaw, and to non-municipal clients such as First Nations communities. 


  • Eight Regions: Melfort, North Battleford, Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Weyburn, Yorkton, and the City of Moose Jaw
  • Industrial Unit
  • Revaluation Unit

Technical Standards and Policy Division

  • Liaison and policy development
  • Technical standards development (assessment manuals, training, interpretation and guidance support)

The Technical Standards and Policy Division’s responsibilities include researching and studying assessment valuation policy and best practices in assessment valuation standards and guidelines. The Division advises the Province with respect to property assessment legislation, prepares board orders to establish rules of assessment for the valuation of regulated properties and prepares valuation handbooks and guidelines for the market valuation of residential, commercial, seasonal and light industrial properties.

The Division is also responsible for liaising with the external assessment service providers, advising and training appraisers on valuation procedures and use of the Saskatchewan Property Assessment Network (SPAN), developing technologies that support the appraisal process, internal quality coordination and the provision of assessment information to municipalities and school divisions, the Province and the public.


  • Liaison & Policy
  • Technical Standards

Finance Division

  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Asset management
  • Financial reporting
  • Procurement
  • Office administration

The Finance Division’s responsibilities include management of the Agency’s financial resources and administrative operations. The Division is responsible for budgeting, financial forecasting, planning, internal controls and external audit, treasury functions, management of assets, insurance and risk and financial and public accounts reporting.

The Division is also responsible for corporate administrative policies and procedures, payroll administration, billing and accounts receivable, purchasing and accounts payable, office services and accommodations and fleet management services.