Providing Information to SAMA

Sometimes, SAMA requires information from property owners to complete our assessments. We can help you to understand what we need, and why you’ve been asked to provide it.

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Providing Information to SAMA

SAMA may request any information or document that relates to, or might relate to, the value of any property. This authority is provided by section 171(1) of The Cities Act; section 201(1) of The Municipalities Act; and/or section 196(1) of The Northern Municipalities Act; which state that:

“For assessment purposes, the assessor may, at any time, request any information or document that relates to or might relate to the value of any property from any person who owns, uses, occupies, manages or disposes of the property.”

Sales Verification Form

SAMA uses the information collected on the Sales Verification Form to verify details about sales transactions that occur in the province. This information helps us confirm market values for property assessment purposes. Providing SAMA with accurate market information helps ensure fair and equitable property tax assessments.

  • Questions - please contact 1-800-667-7262
  • Completed forms can be returned to us using the postage-paid envelope provided, or can be faxed to (306) 924-8070
  • Or, submit completed forms online - you'll need the form with the access code to log-in

Property Rental Income and Expense Information Form

SAMA gathers income and expense information from as many rental properties in the province as possible using the Property Rental Income and Expense Information Form. Providing actual information helps to establish typical income and expense amounts for all similar properties in our analysis. This method, the building rental income approach, is generally regarded across North America as the best method for arriving at market value of most commercial properties. SAMA requests this information from owners of commercial properties, apartments, hotels and motels.

SAMA ensures that property-specific building rental income and expense information submitted is kept confidential in accordance provisions set out in the legislation.

  • Questions - contact 1-800-667-7262 or (306) 924-6626, or email
  • Completed forms can be returned to us using the postage-paid label or envelope provided, or can be faxed to (306) 924-6625

Cost of Construction Questionnaire

SAMA requires up-to-date local cost information to use as part of the cost approach to value. We collect construction costs through the Cost of Construction Questionnaire that is sent to owners of newly constructed properties in the province. The information provided is essential to establish accurate and fair assessments.

  • Questions - contact (306) 924-8062
  • Completed questionnaires returned to us using the postage paid envelope provided, or can be faxed to (306) 924-8070

Industrial Change Reporting

There are several Industrial Change Reporting deadlines outlined by The Municipalities Act for heavy industrial properties.

Oil & Gas Wells

Owners of oil & gas wells are required to submit to SAMA a completed Oil and Gas Change Reporting Form indicating all changes to their wells annually by September 1st. In order to facilitate this process, owners can request Property Profiles from SAMA once each year to review for reporting purposes. Reporting Forms can be submitted any time before the September 1st deadline. Changes reported are reviewed by SAMA's Industrial Unit, and revised Property Profiles are provided to the property owner for their review before assessments are finalized.

The form below is provided for owners to use as a template for submitting change requests to SAMA:


Pipeline owners are required to provide information regarding their pipelines including type, size, and yearly volumes by March 1st each year. Industrial property owners can report changes and corrections to